Lawn and Landscaping Management

Lush, green lawns with the promised invitation of rest…

…the lush, green lawns of our dreams do not just appear but are the result of proper soil preparation for sod or seed. Foster’s, inc. lawn and landscaping management will provide you with all the services necessary to keep your outdoor environment at its peak. This may include:

  • Lawn care – weekly mowing, soil testing and custom fertilization, insect and disease control including lawn renovation if necessary.
  • Perennial, annual and container garden installation and maintenance.
  • Weeding, mulching, trimming and edging of garden beds
  • Hedge, shrub and small tree pruning.
  • Focused spring and fall clean-up to prepare your property for summer enjoyment and winter dormancy.
  • Waterfall and pond cleaning and maintenance.
  • Lighting installation and maintenance.
  • Deer control through fencing and organic deer repellents.

Our lawn and landscape management services can be combined in an annual contract or provided on an as-needed basis. A coordinated program can help you anticipate all your outdoor environmental needs.