“What Every Landscape Needs after an Especially Rough Winter Season”

While you might view this past winter as something you’d prefer not to think about for a very long time, it is important in terms of landscaping that you don’t simply put it out of your mind. Landscapes were hit especially hard due to the heavy snows and severe winds that pummeled New England this past winter. We know you are eager
for the arrival of warmer spring weather so that your family can fully enjoy your landscape. Below we have outlined key steps for addressing weather damage to your property.

  • Do a visual check of the entire landscape. Check for branches that are sheared-off, bent, twisted, unearthed, desiccated, or snapped.
  • Branches that are damaged can be lifted back into place and held with a sling, stake, or mechanically attached with a bolt to encourage reattachment and encourage previous shape.
  • Prune damaged limps back to healthy green wood (tissue). Use sharp pruning shears, saw or loppers. Lighten the load of branches that are twisted or stretched.
  • If one side of the plant is good but the other is beyond help it can be lifted and the better side repositioned forward.
  • If the plant is beyond pruning and lifting the next is to determine if it is worth keeping by putting it aside in a holding area and wait for it to recover.
  • If there is no hope for the shrub, remove the shrub entirely and plant anew.

If you determine that there is damage of this kind on your property, you should address the problems as quickly as possible. By cleaning up and attending to any damage now, you will spend many happy days this spring and summer outdoors with your family enjoying nature and its surroundings in your own private landscape. If you would like to have Foster’s, inc. do an inspection of your property and assist with any landscape maintenance issues,we would be
happy to do so. Please call our office today so that we may be of help.