Sticks and Stones – A “Rocky Stream Bed” in the Garden

Drainage problems frequently result in standing water (a mosquito no-no). A steep incline often results in landscape erosion or a lawn too difficult to mow. Distinct grading changes can result in a scattered landscaping design. But all of these potential problems have a creative and beautiful solution … a rocky stream bed.

Whether your water problem is the result of gutters, driveway runoff or simply poor drainage, a rocky stream bed can direct the flow of water away from your problem area to terrain which is able to handle excess water. If soil erosion or a steep incline is the problem, plants may be teamed with the rocks to create stability.

Rock, artistically placed, creates the illusion of a natural water stream. Even during dry months, the sense of flowing motion from a rocky stream bed can be soothing to the eyes. Native stone for this type of project may be found on your property or purchased from a local stone yard such as O&G Industries in Bridgeport or Gault in Westport. The natural colors of stone can be echoed in other architectural and landscaping elements such as walkways, patios and raised flower beds.

We at Foster’s, inc. enjoy finding innovative ways to help with your landscaping challenges. Many of our landscaping projects include rocky stream beds. Our clients love the look and the results.

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