Planning Big, Planting Big

Enormous trees, crafted by nature herself and enhanced through the passage of time, are truly nature’s virtually irreplaceable masterpieces. Irreplaceable but not immovable.

Tree relocation, providing the ability to add mature trees to landscaping projects, has become and increasingly viable option to beautify and enhance projects of any size. No longer do you have to wait years for your landscape to take root. By moving or adding a large tree, you can enjoy immediate shade and the benefits of an established landscape instantly.

The secret to a successful tree transplant begins with a healthy, vigorous tree. The tree must show no indications of stress or symptoms of significant pests and diseases. We begin by conducting a comprehensive inspection of the tree and transplant location to determine the likelihood of the tree surviving and thriving following relocation. Once this task has been completed, we prune, move, fertilize and stabilize the tree in its new location to ensure its survival.

Want large-scale plantings but none exist on your property? Foster’s, inc. can find almost any tree in any size you desire. Whether a new transplant or successful relocation, adding mature plantings to your property helps preserve one of nature’s most precious creations – the tree.

Recently when the call came from a customer to relocate a large, 25 foot Zelkova tree after a recent renovation, we were up for the challenge. Moving the seasoned tree from elsewhere on the property added instant shade and a magnificent focal point for the house’s beautiful new farmer’s porch.

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