Into a New Decade

Ten years ago, we embraced our desire to own a business. Committed to excellence, we believed that exceptional customer service was paramount.

The result – a successfully company where innovation, creative design concepts and customer satisfaction became our hallmark. Today, these values are as important to us as they were on our very first job.

A decade ago, we began with one truck and a crew of two. I did the design and served as a foreman; Amy ran the business side of things. My how we’ve grown. A larger staff and a variety of equipment allow us to focus all our creative energies on landscape design and individualized service.

We have been blessed these past ten years – a growing business and a growing family. Our daughters, Emily and Grace, provide us with a constant sense of joy. We marvel at how quickly they have grown from tiny babies into little ladies.

As we reflect on our ten years, we do so with great appreciation for our wonderful clients and our exceptionally fine crew. We look forward to working with you as we approach another decade of excellence.

Best Regards,
Foster McKeon