Good Fences Make More than Good Neighbors

Good fences also do more than delineate a property line. Good fences, in a good landscape architecture design, enhance the natural beauty of your property and your home.

The selection of proper fence for your landscaping needs begins with the purpose of the fence. Will the fence create a more secure yard for your children? Prevent deer from crossing your property? Or is the addition of a fence simply ornamental?

The choices of style and material for your fence are numerous. In Fairfield County, 90% of all installed fencing is constructed of wood. Wood provides the greatest flexibility in design and can be painted, stained or left to weather naturally (and beautifully). A split rail fence can be used to define acreage on a large piece of property, while a trellis fence can be used to create and illusion of space in a smaller lot. And picket fences can create a sense of privacy without blocking out the world – creating a boundary while maintaining a welcoming feel for visitors.

And while wood is the number one material choice in Fairfield County, there are many advantages to man made fencing materials, including durability and strength. Aluminum, PVC, and vinyl coated fencing material is now manufactured in a wide range of style, from cross buck to a wrought iron look. These fencing materials generally require little maintenance and are competitively priced.

Before beginning a fencing project, it is important to have an accurate survey available of your property lines to avoid any conflict with your neighbors. Ask us about the many ways Foster’s can enhance the natural beauty of your property with a landscape design that incorporates fencing.

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