Falling Leaves Scatter With Our Steps…

To my family of clients,

It seems a long time since we have experienced such a wet spring and hot, steamy summer. And while I am often reluctant to see the seasons pass, I can say with certainty that I am looking forward to the cool, crisp air of autumn.

The spring and summer weather was a bonanza for all foliage. The positive side of the weather was the lush and almost lavish growth of all plantings large and small. The less positive side, well … we have to include the weeds (which seem to be taking over everything) in that growth.

As promised, we want to provide you with the results of our Hydrangea experiment we conducted last winter. The result was a resounding success as
you can read in our accompanying article. We have completed our fifth and final Adopt-A-Spot in Westport. We hope you have a chance to
spot it while traveling about town (hint – try Compo and the Boston Post Road).

As fall turns to winter, we wish all of you happy dreams of a beautiful and blooming spring.

Best Regards,
Foster McKeon

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