Ever ‘Blooming’ Colues Top Pick for Annual

With names like ‘Dipt inWine’, ‘Merlot’, ‘Chocolate Mint’ and ‘Mocha’ you might think we’re featuring food instead of foliage. But these names give a hint to the vibrant color offered in the wide variety of coleus available for your garden. Truly an ever ‘blooming’ plant, coleus presents most if its color through leaves ranging in hues from red to orange to lime yellow, copper to burgundy, and many colors in between. There is an added bonus of purple, spiked flowers which bloom in late summer. Tolerating full sun to part shade, its easy cultivation makes it a must have for any garden. Coleus performs well in both the ground and as a container plant. A light fertilizer once in June and again in July will help it maintain its full, lush appearance. Coleus growing too tall? Simply pinch back new growth to promote a plumper posture. Feeling adventurous, here are some other sure-fire winners which require minimum care but provide long lasting beauty for all spots in your garden:

  • SUPERTUNIAS – a stunning, trailing, ever blooming petunia available in both pale shades and brilliant colors
  • VERBENA ‘AZTEC’ – a series of trailing verbena in primary colors of white, red, pink and violet which thrive in heat and sun
  • ANGELONIA ‘ANGEL MIST’ – a loose mounding snapdragon-like series which lasts beautifully when cut; it comes in a full range of colors
  • BEGONIAS ‘DRAGONWING’ – a fast growing plant which will bloom until first frost, with pink or red blooms which glisten against glossy dark green leaves

Whichever plants you choose, we are certain you will be happy to include these top performers in your spring garden.

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