Enjoy Your Evening With Designed Landscape Lighting

By day, the ambient light of the sun illuminates your yard and gardens. The play of sun and shade can create a beautiful dappled effect among your larger plantings and highlight the natural colors of your gardens.

At night, however, your plantings and gardens need a little help to bring out their natural beauty. That’s where designed landscape lighting comes into play. Carefully designed lighting can transform a dark summer evening into a dramatic scene – creating focal points of trees, facades, gardens or other architecturally interesting objects.

The tools of landscape lighting are quite diverse. There are edge and stake light for paths and walkways. These lighting fixtures generally point downward to mark a path for safety and beauty. Carefully placed floodlights will wash a large area in light and are often used to provide security or highlight a particularly large object.

Accent lights are used to emphasize an especially attractive feature in your landscape. This type of landscape lighting can highlight the intricate patterns of a tree canopy, emphasizing layers of textures and form. Accent light can also backlight objects to provide visual interest – casting indirect silhouettes and shadows of a favorite garden object. There are also accents lights specifically designed to be used in and around water features – such as that new pond just installed in your yard.

Subdued or dramatic, designed landscape lighting will guarantee continued enjoyment of your yard and garden well into the night.

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