East Meets Northeast – Using Bamboo in Your Lands

Think of Bamboo and Asian pandas jump to mind – not New England landscapes. But more and more Bamboo plantings are popping up all around Connecticut. Used as a natural screen, accent plant or ground cover, Bamboo is one of nature’s more versatile plantings. While many types of Bamboo are invasive, the genus Fargesia is both cold hardy and clump forming. This means it can be planted and won’t take over your yard. We are preparing nursery stock of the big three clump-forming Bamboo varieties used for screening in our Stratford yard. The Bamboo will be available to our customers this spring.

  • Choose the Fargesia nitida ‘Green Panda’ for your smaller gardens. With a height of 6-8 feet, it will tolerate both shade and bright sun light. Want to add some color and a little more height?
  • Choose Fargesia n. ‘Red Fountain’ for its deep burgundy red canes and maximum height of 10’.
  • Space Fargesia dracocephala ‘Dragon’s Head’ about 5’ on center for a wind tolerant, dense screening. Protected from the sun, this 9’ tall Bamboo will not weep
    and has leaves which won’t curl.

Begin by selecting a spot for your Bamboo with afternoon shade. Be sure to plant your Bamboo with organic matter mixed with existing soil. Water as needed until established – but do not allow the Bamboo to become water logged. It is best to feed in the spring. Still not certain about planting Bamboo directly into your landscape? Then try experimenting with Bamboo in a container garden. You will get to enjoy the beauty of the plant without the worry of domination over your yard. Once you experience this fast growing, non-invasive variety, we think you will become a fan.

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