And the spring shall come…

To my family of clients,

Foster’s, inc. has always been a true family business. This year, we were heartened by all the compliments we received from our annual Christmas card. It made the season truly special.

As we anticipate the friendly arrival of warmer spring days and the beginning of outdoor entertaining, I think about way to improve your landscape. One of my goals is to lessen your landscape work so you have more time to enjoy and appreciate the beauty around you. Ground covers are a great way to do this.

Ground covers such as Myrtle, Sweet Woodruff and Native Packysandra are among the most attractive, useful and self-supporting shade plantings in a landscape. Ground covers protect bare soil from erosion, help stabilize slopes and banks and add interest to otherwise large ‘seas’ of mulch. Best of all, once they are established, they require little or no maintenance.

As we ‘spring’ into our 12th year of business, my team and I look forward to bringing our friendly faces into your yards.

Best Regards,
Foster R. McKeon

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