That certainly was some kind of Winter…

Even though Foster’s, inc. introduced a new snow removal service this year, we too, have
tired of this winter’s snow, sleet and driving rain, that at times, seemed relentless.
We are now looking forward to kicking off our Landscape Management division that will offer conventional maintenance services to our customers. To commemorate this new endeavor, our first 10 customers will receive a bottle of bubbly to celebrate. This new service is going to be especially important to the many folks who suffered severe damage to their landscapes after this harsh winter. We cover what to look for and what to do to ensure that your landscape bounces back, in our accompanying article, “What Every Landscape Needs after an Especially Rough Winter Season”.

In-between all the snow plowing, we also attended several trade shows to keep abreast of the latest & greatest happenings within our industry. We found a wonderful lighting tool that will prevent your landscape lights from shorting out from weather related conditions. With this one easy gadget, you can control the timing of your lights and protect power surges. It works based on longitude & latitude and even has an override system that allows you to set specific times to turn on and off your landscape lighting for when you may be on vacation or traveling for business. This technology really is amazing, yet simple. As always, please know that we are here to assist you, our faithful customers and friends, with any of your landscaping needs.

My crew and I are excited to begin anew this spring!

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